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Philadelphia Futures

Driven by the guiding principle that a college education is the portal to economic self-sufficiency and a satisfying life, Philadelphia Futures provides low-income, first-generation-to-college students with the tools, resources, and opportunities necessary for admission to and sucsess in college. The students Philadelphia futures serves are provided with a comprehensive, time-tested array of programs designed to reduce the institutional, academic, social, and financial barriers to college success.

Lemma has partnered with Philadelphia Futures for the past two years. We have built up a great working relationship and have seen some impressive results. Initially, Futures was looking for some more test-prep materials. However, they quickly saw that Lemma could be more than some quizzing service. With Futures' feedback, Lemma steadily iterated its Data Analytics platform to deliver high-impact insights into student activity, and real time data that charts their improvement.

From Futures' Website:

Mission: To provide low income, first-generation-to-college students with the tools, resources and opportunities necessary for admission to and success in college.

Vision: Philadelphia Futures will transform lives by breaking down barriers that have historically excluded low-income, first-generation-to-college students from college success.

Let's Get Ready

Let's Get Ready was founded in 1998 in a church basement in Mount Vernon, New York. In their first year, Let's Get Ready had 20 college student volunteers advising, teaching, and befriending 40 high school students. With that success under its belt, Let's Get Ready quickly recognized the power of "students helping students" get into college.

Let's Get Ready has recently agreed to partner with Lemma for their upcoming summer cohort. We've agreed to develop digital classrooms for LGR's tutors and students to work together and boost their SAT scores.

Also, our President and COO, Jack Januszewski, tutored with Let's Get Ready while an undergraduate at Boston College. He is elated to be working with them again.

From Let's Get Ready's Website:

Let’s Get Ready provides free SAT preparation, admission counseling, and post-enrollment mentoring to students from low-income backgrounds and first-generation-to-college students to help them get into and graduate from college. Our peer-driven program is administered by volunteer college students, keeping costs low and ensuring outstanding success rates.

New York Cares

New York Cares' mission is to simplify and inspire greater volunteerism in New York City. The organization was founded in 1987 to simplify the process of volunteering in the city that never sleeps. Since then, the organization has grown to partner with over 1,350 nonprofits and schools, and to staff and manage 1,600 volunteer-led projects each month. Last Year alone, they served 400,000 New Yorkers in need.

Lemma has recently partnered with New York Cares to deliver our high impact content and insightful data analytics platform to a cohort of high school students in the boroughs. We are very excited to help New York Cares achieve its goals!

From New York Cares' Website:

New York City has always been the epicenter of the American Dream...Unfortunately, the American Dream feels unattainable for many vulnerable New Yorkers, who are facing such obstacles as limited education, poor nutrition, low literacy, unemployment, and lack of basic needs...Many people want to step up and help their neighbors, but they feel that the issues are just too big...New York Cares was started in 1987 to change that belief.

Opportunity Network

The Opportunity Network (OppNet) was founded in 2003 by two Yale grads who wanted to leverage their networks for social good, rather than their own careers. Like Lemma, OppNet developed organically out of a living-room over a few years and today seeks to address societal inequities often found in the college application process.

Lemma has partnered with OppNet to provide our SAT prep product to their rising junior class over the spring and summer. OppNet believes in providing students with the tools required to achieve success to and through college. We're excited to be part of their toolbox!

From Opportunity Network's Website:

The Opportunity Network works with students from historically and systematically underrepresented communities in developing their skills, knowledge, and passions to achieve their college and career goals. We honor the identities and embrace the power of each member of our community.

Breakthrough New York

Founded in 1999 as a middle school program, Breakthrough has grown to now support around five-hundred students each year on their journey to and through college. BTNY uses a "students-teaching-students model" to foster personal development, and inspire greater achievement. Breakthrough boasts a 96% College matriculation rate and many former students go on to be teachers themselves!

Lemma has partnered with BTNY to provide a small cohort of their students currently enrolled in boarding schools with a "distance learning" SAT program. Our platform is well suited to reach students who cannot attend Breakthrough's in-person study sessions.

From Breakthrough's Website:

Breakthrough New York transforms the lives of talented kids from low-income backgrounds by providing educational support from middle school through college and into careers...Our goal is to create leaders who break the cycle of poverty in their families and effect positive change in their communities.

KIPP : Chicago

KIPP is a Public Charter School network with schools spread throughout the United States. By focusing on instilling a diligence, a sense of curiosity, and grit in their students, KIPP focused on educating the whole student and better prepare them for their futures.

KIPP Chicago has partnered with the Lemma team to provide a small cohort of high school age students with SAT Prep.

More from KIPP:

A focus on character has been the cornerstone of KIPP since we began and is still the essence of what we believe: to succeed in college and the world beyond, KIPPsters need both a strong academic foundation and well-developed character strengths. They’re deeply interconnected and we never compromise one for the other.

By The Hand Club for Kids

Founded in 2001, By the Hand Club for Kids provides holistic and and nurturing after school programming for historically marginalized communities in the Chicago School District. Through their College Prep Program, By The Hand fosters a college-going culture by taking students to college days, tours, and fairs. 85 percent of their graduating seniors have enrolled in college or university.

By The Hand Club for Kids partners with Lemma to provide a small cohort of Juniors with remote SAT tutoring from the Lemma Team. The Lemma team is excited to be part of their College Prep Program.

More from By The Hand:

From the time students enroll in our program until they’re walking independently as well-adjusted, responsible adults, our mission is to literally and figuratively take our kids by the hand and walk alongside them. We tutor them to academic excellence. We mentor them to make wise, life-defining decisions. And we care for them as our own, meeting their basic nutritional and healthcare needs.

Steppingstone Scholars

Steppingstone Scholars was founded in 1999 to address the crisis of urban education in Philadelphia. Serving students ranging from ages 10 to 24, Steppingstone provides academic enrichment programming to help students succeed to and through college.

To do so, Steppingstone Scholars has designed three "Pathways" to susccess. The Steppingstone Academy (TSA), the Middle Grades Academy (MGA), and its Pipeline Services. Lemma has partnered with Steppingstone Scholars to provide online SAT prep to its students currently in their Sophomore and Junior years of high school. We hope to collaborate and continue to provide the young scholars of Philadelphia with the resources they need to succeed to and through college!

More from Steppingstone Scholars:

Our Mission: Steppingstone Scholars, working with families and school partners, provides rigorous educational programming and support for talented underserved students in the Philadelphia Region to achieve academic success, opportunity, and a college degree.

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