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Non-linear Learning
Work In Progress

  • Lemma navigates you through possible learning paths
  • Paths are suggested based on your performances and preferences
  • Lemma suggests content to review

Data Driven
Work In Progress

  • Lemma analyzes all collected data to assess the student’s progress and level of understanding
  • Lemma informs the students on their strengths and weaknesses

More than just video lessons

  • Integrated social messaging between students.
  • Ask questions directly to authors and educators.
  • Annotations to reference material and related content

Problems/exercises built in

  • Intuitive answer inputs: enter rich input not computer language
  • Automated grading: know instantly if you are on the right track
  • Refreshable: try different versions of a problem

Our Team

We are an enthusiastic team of educators and engineers supported by a large network of student advisors

Pavel Grinfeld


John Wang


Dennis Shtatnov

Software Architect

Axel-Jose Persinger

Full Stack Developer

Advisory Board

Greg Ho


Gilbert Strang


Gerry Sussman


Doron Harlev



The care in presenting the material is the reflection of the beauty and enchantment of determinats, linear algebra and tensor calculus. Prof Grinfeld is awakening us to the majesty of this subject. Thank you.
I think this is one of the best and most intuitive introduction I’ve seen on eigenvalues and eigenvectors! Thank you!!
I am a 19 year old physics student from the US. Thanks for providing an intuitive and world-class math education for those who cant afford it. Thank you so much.
It is a great course and all so far. I like how you are making great effort to introduce concepts in a manner that allow for internalising of larger ideas rather than rote memorisation. This is the way I would advocate all tuition be done. I myself have always had a passion for understandings and trouble with memory, thus, and somewhat unfortunately, I have had to struggle and find understandings for myself. A huge task. I find myself with a first in mathematics attempting to redo / relearn all my knowledge. As is known, knowledge learned by rote is knowledge quicker lost.
Mr Grinfeld, your videos are amazing.
Lemma is a phenomenal system. Not only has it taught me the material, but it allowed me to practice problems relevant to the material over and over again until in made sense.
Reviewing the lecture with pleasure, as if listening to a piece of any famous composer
Now I get it!!!!
thank you so much for these wonderful lectures, truly inspiring, thanks to you and Gilbert Strang I love linear algebra.
Thank you. You do an amazing job of clarifying this subject. Special thanks for not wrapping the big picture in fatiguing notation.

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