lemma-logoSo what is a Lemma?

lemma-n.-In Mathematics, a lemma is a proven proposition that is used as a cognitive stepping stone to arrive at a greater truth.

Our platform was built by educators, for educators, to provide them with the critical insights needed to arrive at a greater understanding of how students learn. More importantly, our platform is designed to make students smarter by focusing on increasing their substantive knowledge of the content presented, because competence breeds confidence!

The problem lemma sees:

The EdTech space is growing at a rapid pace. Everywhere teachers turn, there is another solution, another cool this and another whizz-bang that. However, many solutions dazzle in demos but collapse in the classroom.

But, tech is cool! So teachers use what resources they find. Often a blend of free resources, top-down implemented Learning Management Systems (LMSs), and textbook-issued technical supplements. When it comes to STEAM classes, there is an undeniably wide range of amazing tools out there that help teachers reach their students.

But rapid implementation of EdTech solutions in STEAM classrooms has removed some of the most time-tested and essential elements of learning, from easily using custom-made content to awarding partial credit.

Lemma addresses these and many other glaring inefficiencies in the space by creating a one-stop-shop for STEM educators, school administrators and students to create and curate content, to interpret data and implement interventions, and to devise and direct discussion.

This is our blog! If you like our words, just wait till you see our math! Whether you’re here to prepare for the SAT or the AP Calculus exams, to practice some Advanced Algebraic Concepts you haven’t thought about in a while, to sharpen your mind by working through some Mathematical Paradoxes, or even to learn entirely new concepts like Linear Algebra, Tensor or Vector Calculus, we are happy you are here!

Go get learning!